Blue Mountain (Kees) Cemetery
 Established  in 1875 in the foothills of the Blue  Mountains of Northeast Oregon

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When the last cemetery clean up started back in 1968, the Blue Mountain Cemetery looked like the photos below.   Many individuals as well as the scouts and other civic groups had worked to clean the cemetery up, but the job was tremendous.  The work was limited also as no one had a legal right to work on the cemetery in general.  The original had all passed on with keeping active members on the board.

In 1968, Mrs. Miley, Hugh Gilliland, then mayor of Weston and Charlie Hearn, the maintenance chief  for the City Weston, petitioned the Umatilla County Court, and were appointed trustees.  Having received legal authority, the final cleanup started in earnest.

kees_368a.jpg (30839 bytes) kees_368b.jpg (57033 bytes)

That was not the end of the vandalism, however.  Much work was accomplished, incleing the repair of many of the stones.  .......



after authority was received to start the cleanup in March of 1968

kees_598.jpg (70825 bytes)
This is the cemetery in May of 1998. 




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