Blue Mountain (Kees) Cemetery
 Established  in 1875 in the foothills of the Blue  Mountains of Northeast Oregon

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New Sign


Our New Sign

In 2007, the trustees of the Blue Mountain (Kees) Cemetery, decided it was time let the public know the name of the cemetery.  When the cemetery was established in 1875, it was called the Blue Mountain Cemetery.  It was located on land provided by Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kees.  Before long folks were calling it the Kees Cemetery.  Without seeing the name, many assumed it was named after the Key family.  It even shows up in federal records as "Keys" Cemetery.

Mike Dowd was approached about creating a sign.   He had helped work on cleaning up the cemetery since a young man and was pleased to work on the sign  project.  With help in the design phase from his wife Judy, Mike completed and installed the new sign in advance of Memorial Day 2007.  He did a beautiful job.  The sign is of redwood and is gorgeous.



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